What Should the Padres Do at Each Position?

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Options: Jedd Gyorko, Cory Spangenberg, Yangervis Solarte, Taylor Lindsey

Gyorko, like most of the 2014 Padres, had a horrible first half to last season at the plate.  He was another case of a terrible first half followed by a better second half (.260/.347/.398/.745).  I don’t think Gyorko was healthy in the first half.  What is certain is that he adjusted his hitting mechanics when he came off the DL in July.  His second half numbers are reflective of that mechanical change.  Gyorko has hit very at every level including a decent 2013 and a decent second half to 2014.  I’m not ready to call him inconsistent.  It’s more likely that he will build upon his second half performance rather than regressing to his first half numbers.

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Defensively, Gyorko does not get enough credit.  For a squatty guy, he has pretty good range, logging a 4.4 range factor per 9 innings (4.66 for the league).  In his two years in the big leagues he has actually had a slightly better fielding percentage than the league average second basemen.

The only way Gyorko should move over to third would be because Cory Spangenberg emerges as the same player he was in his time with the Padres last season.  After hitting .290/.313/.452/.765 in 20 games, it will be interesting to see if he can continue that success.  Then again, he might start the year in AAA, which would be an unpopular move.

Defensively, Spangenberg is great.  He can play all over the diamond and do so with range.  His arm is far from great, but if he plays well enough to knock Gyorko over to the hot corner then his arm won’t matter much.

Solarte should not and won’t be an option at 2B.  He has poor footwork that turns his average speed into below average range.  (I just wanted to quell that idea).

Taylor Lindsey was brought over in the Huston Street deal.  He did not perform well in AAA last season (.238/.306/.372/.678).  Sure, his numbers weren’t terrible, but they also don’t scream that he’s ready.

Bud Black should: Play Jedd Gyorko over at 2B everyday.  When he needs a day off put in Spangenberg. As to how to play Spangenberg…well, just wait.