Why The Padres Might Target Jung-Ho Kang


So, we know the Padres already have signed a shortstop in Clint Barmes, however they might just add another. Want to know who and why? The Padres have a versatile player in Clint Barmes, but if they could add a player who can just play one position it would let them be creative with where they position Barmes and the other players in the infield. So who is this player I’m talking about? It’s Korean shortstop Jung- Ho Kang. The reason that I think the Padres might go after him is for depth reasons, and the fact that the Padres GM A.J. Preller has a good eye for picking up international talent. He also has decent numbers in Korea. He played in 116 games while hitting .354 with 39 homer runs and 115 RBIs.

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However if the Padres are going to land Kang for their infield, they will have to overcome some serious competition as a lot of teams were interested him. Kang will be posted today by the Nexen Heroes of the Korean Baseball Organization for teams to start bidding on his services, and whoever wins, has the chance to sign him.

The early contenders for his services are the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giant, and the New York Mets. I think the Padres might just be added to that list sooner rather than later, but we will see. Check back with us for updates on the Padres interest in Jung- Ho Kang, and if they enter the bidding war or not.