San Diego Padres Freestyle: Today Was A Good Day


Just waking up in the morning, got to thank God, I don’t know but today seems kind of odd.

I had a note on the dresser…. what did it say?

It said “Good morning, the Padres got Matt Kemp! Have a good day.”

I brushed my teeth good, my mouth I rinsed out

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Then I turned on MLB Network to see what kind of package of players the Padres sent out.

Yasmani Grandal, Joe Wielend and Zach Eflin was the reported cost

I’m thinking Wow! Preller got an impact bat without giving up a Wisler, a Hahn, a Kennedy, or a Ross!

It may have took a while but the San Diego Padres finally made a big splash

Not only that, the Los Angeles Dodgers picked up $30 million of his contract, so the Padres have Kemp for five years at $70 million cash

Social Media, between logical and illogical Padres fans is a fine line

Today, looking at my twitter, I wasn’t even bothered by the negative fans on my timeline

Why? Because the Padres got it right

How can the sight of Kemp in a Padres uniform not excite? I can’t wait for opening night!

Some MLB insiders and writers, for keeping us in the know,  there’s a lot of credit that we owe to y’all

I’m talking those like Bob Nightengale, Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal

To the Padres fans who feel Kemp isn’t worthy

How so? His last healthy season he messed around and almost went 40/40

Maybe now some you doubters will start to believe in A.J.

I can’t believe, the Padres finally had a good day!

To be continued…