Padres Chat Recap: Kotsay interview


On the latest Padres Fan Chat with Bill Center, he talked with the Padres new hitting coach, former long time big league player Mark Kotsay, who decided to come out of the front office to fill the hitting coach shoes. In the interview, Mark was asked by fans why he thought the hitters were so bad last year, his answer? Kotsay responded by stating that the hitters were individually trying to do too much.

He also said that he thought there was progress in the second half of the season, which he hopes continues into the 2015 season, a consistent team approach will lead to success Kotsay stated. When asked about how the Padres could get runners home that are standing on third with less than 2 outs, Mark replied saying that the hitters need to start with having a quality at-bat and that the approach is the important part as they can’t control the outcome.

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Lastly when he was asked about the hitters taking too many strikes at the plate and thinking too much at the plate, Kotsay said the team’s approach will be tailored to the individual, and that they plan to attack with their strengths everyday and take away the pitchers strengths. Along with a few other questions about what jersey he would rather wear blue or brown, the chat wrapped up. Join us next week as we continue our coverage of the Padres Fan Chat, courtesy of the Friar Wire on!