Padres Need To Deliver Early X-Mas Gift


As the winter meetings are soon approaching, the Padres are running out of time to bring in a prime or average free agent bat. The Padres did ante up this offseason trying to bring in Pablo Sandoval and Yasmany Tomas, but still have nothing to show for their efforts. It has been difficult to woo free agent hitters to Petco Park, but recent statistics have shown Petco is becoming easier to hit in since the fences have been moved in twice in the ballparks short history. 

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Per ProHardballTalk, writer D.J. Short had a nice chuckle from a Tweet from Buster Olney of ESPN reporting the Padres have been aggressive in bringing in a hitter. Well, so are most teams. Take the Mariners, who signed Nelson Cruz on Monday to four-years, $57 Million. Where were the Padres on that one?? C’mon. Fans are getting tired of this and the team needs to bring in someone now! ANYTHING! Rebuilding time is over. Padres’ fans don’t buy that anymore.

As PHT discusses, the list is getting slimmer and slimmer by the day. The Red Sox are dangling Yoenis Cespedes for the right deal and Atlanta is showing off Evan Gattis and Justin Upton. Upton could make sense with his familiarity with San Diego, the N.L. West and the D-Backs (Who signed Tomas for less than the Padres offered) but seeing Cespedes in the outfield who be very exciting!

So dearest Padres, please bring in somebody, because you are running out of time. Maybe they are waiting for some perfect deal that no one knows about. Who knows? It would be a nice early Christmas for Padres fans to know they will have someone that can hit. Even if it was a past superstar, the Padres have zero superstars currently. Not one. This division needs to know that someone in this lineup can be a legitimate threat to drive in runs.