Will Chase Headley Come Back to San Diego?


I really hope not.

That’s the simple answer. Yes the Padres lost out on Pablo Sandoval, but most of us here at Friars On Base seem to agree that is actually a good thing. He seems like the free agent signing that would turn out to be a bust. If there are two things that motivate players, it is probably money and world championships. So signing a guy to a pitcher’s ballpark, paying him over $100 million, all after he just finished up winning his 3rd World Championship before age 30 seems like it would be a recipe for disaster.

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That said, the Padres still have some big questions on the left side of their infield. It is still unclear what they will do with Everth Cabrera who can’t seem to stay out of trouble and didn’t even show in 2014 that he is worth making excuses for. Sure, all agree Alexi Amarista did a great job filling in – but giving him the starting gig long-term seems a little optimistic.

For third base, there is obviously still hope that Yongervis Solarte who we acquired for Mr. Chase Headley last summer can turn into the bona-fide slugger we hope him to be. I know some think differently, but I still see 2015 as a year the Padres can afford to try out younger players and hope they take the next developmental step. I’m willing to give Solarte that chance at third base. I also want Tommy Medica to step up over at first base and push Yonder Alonso out of the conversation, but that is for a different discussion.

Back to third base though, and there are still players out there who can fill third if Solarte is deemed not ready for the job. Jedd Gyorko is another internal choice, with the emergence of Cory Spangenberg to possibly play second base. The other option is going to free agency, and one of the top 3rd sackers’ left is of course, Chase Headley.

Luckily, not many sources are linking the Padres to him, because it would be a bad idea. My bet is he does end up in San Fransisco.

Chase had his chance here, and we the fans thank him for his service. We’re also tired of waiting for a full season at his late 2012 production. It is going to happen. Let the Giants get excited about him, sign him to a bigger contract than he might deserve, and we will talk to you in three seasons of him hitting .260 with 13 homers. We’ll take our chances with Solarte.

On the other hand, how about that resurgence last year by Kevin Kouzmanoff?