Padres Tyson Ross Makes Students’ Month!


Back on November 20th, San Diego Padres’ star pitcher Tyson Ross recently spent time at the Monarch School, signing autographs for the students and helping serve pizza as a part of the school’s monthly Butterfly Birthday Celebration. Ross and the Padres partnered up with Papa John’s pizza, who donated 250 pies to Ross for the charity of his choice. 

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The Monarch School was Ross’ choice, as it is close to Petco Park, but there is another reason the school is special to Ross and the Friars: the school is set up for children that are impacted by homelessness, and the 250 pizza pies cover the monthly event for the next half year. Ross recently told Corey Brock of why participating in this event means so much to him:

"“Being a kid, I loved pizza parties and being able to do this for these guys is pretty cool,” said Ross, as he looked out over the gymnasium at the school where the celebration was held. “For us, it was Thursday or Friday when we had pizza at school, and it was always one of the best days of the week.”       (h/t, Corey Brock,"

The Friars have been involved with the Monarch School as charitable partners for the past 15 years, and this was Ross’ first visit to the school. Companies such as Target have also donated back to school shopping events for the students to get them off on the right foot each fall. This is just yet another example of the Padres giving back to the areas of the community that are in dire need, and on Thanksgiving, it something that the Padres’ organization and their fans can be thankful for being involved with.

From all of us here at Friars On Base, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!