Padres Will Make Some Moves This Off-season


A.J. Preller  the new General Manager of our San Diego Padres has been “all over the Map” according to other rival GM’s which to me isn’t a bad thing, it welcomes a much needed change to the Padres front office. The new General Manager of the Padres is going after the big players this off-season, which has not been done by a Padres GM in a very long time, if at all.

To add to that the Padres Owners are willing to spend more money and add to the payroll. Yesterday it was reported that the Padres were offering a deal to Pablo Sandoval, and are one of the top teams in on Cuban player Yasmani Tomas, if that doesn’t prove something to the fans on the way A.J Preller wants to build the Padres i don’t know what will please the fan base, it certainly makes me a happier fan to see the direction that Preller is leading the Padres.

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Now will the Padres land a 100 million dollars  player like Pablo Sandoval or Yosmani Tomas? Maybe.  One thing is for sure the Padres aren’t messing around this off-season and some big moves will be made before the off-season is over.