Yasmany Tomas Update: ‘SD Still In The Mix…’


According to a recent Tweet from Fangraphs.com’s lead prospect analyst Kiley McDaniel, he is reportedly hearing through his sources that the San Diego Padres remain in the game to possibly sign Cuban slugger, outfielder, and third base prospect, Yasmany Tomas. Tomas and his agent, Jay Alou, have been in touch with “multiple teams” over the past several weeks, and the Philadelphia Phillies have been believed to be the favorites.

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The interesting thing about this Tweet from McDaniel, is the low amount of money being mentioned. Previous reports throughout baseball, have stated that Tomas and Alou were seeking at least $100 million dollars, well beyond the $70 million mark that supposedly keeps the Padres in the hunt for Tomas’ services.

If this is indeed an accurate report, and we have no reason not to believe it isn’t, this is great news for the Padres. A.J. Preller, who has had the magic touch with scouting international talent over the past several years while working for the Texas Rangers, might be able to swing Tomas, and a couple more impact bats to upgrade the Friars’ lineup immediately. If San Diego were able to sign Tomas, Pablo Sandoval would most likely be off the table, but cheaper options such as Adam LaRoche might still be in the game.

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