Yasmany Tomas Update: Are The Padres Still In The Game?


The Padres are reportedly pretty close to deciding whether they will sign or be able to sign Yasmany Tomas. In the weekly Padres Chat interview with Dennis Lin and Jeff Saunders of the UT-San Diego, not only did they go over whether or not Yasmany Tomas would sign with the Friars, but what would happen if the Padres were to trade either Tyson Ross or Andrew Cashner  and what would they do with Ian Kennedy? Would they try to resign him to an extension? 

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Jeff Sanders replied to this question by saying:

“That’s an avenue worth exploring. Kennedy likes pitching here and is said to be the sort of guy who would value that comfort over seeking top dollar, even with Boras as his agent. He is a southren California guy. Theres several reasons to think it’s a possibility.”

The other main topic that was brought up was “Are the Padres contenders for Yoan Moncada?” Jeff Sanders replied to that question by saying it was to early to tell, and that he hasn’t even taken batting practice for any scouts yet. When Jeff Sanders was asked about Yasmany Tomas here is what he had to say :

“I think the Padres were always viewed as a long shot given the kind of money that might be in play. To sign with the Padres, Tomas might have to give up top dollar for the opportunity to play right away, which may be worth it to him to establish himself.”

So will Yasmany Tomas sign with the Friars for less money? And will the Padres end up trading one of there three star pitchers for a bat? Stay tuned to find out, and check back with us here at Friars On Base for updates on the situation.