San Diego Saturdays: What’s the Plan If Tomas Goes Elsewhere?


The San Diego Padres have set their sites on the Cuban slugger Yasmany Tomas and have every intention of reeling him in. But, unfortunately things don’t always work out as planed. With bigger, richer clubs in hot pursuit of Tomas, the Padres could very well miss out on him and then they’d have to find a new avenue. But where else would they go? Tomas, a corner outfielder, is predicted to earn about $100 million dollars so if the Padres are able to make that commitment to one player, then they can spread it around to others. What’s the plan if Tomas dons a different jersey?

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The trade market is predicted to be very popular this off-season. A few deals have already gone down in the early going and it looks like it’ll be very active going forward. The Padres have a strong farm system and can afford to move some pieces around in order to bolster the big league club. Recent rumors have brought some interesting names to the forefront and many of the players rumored to be available fit the Padres’ needs.

Here are some of the players that could be on the move this off season:

That’s not everyone either. There are other players who will see themselves in the rumor mill this off-season and many of them would also be a fit for the Padres. Then there’s free agency. The Friars could easily dive into the free agent pool and spread around that $100 million dollars they would’ve spent on Tomas. So who’s available and who fits San Diego’s needs? Let’s take a look.

Many of those free agents won’t cost too much, which would allow the Padres to spread the cash around and improve the team more and more. General Manager A.J. Preller should definitely consider bringing in one or two of these guys. They would definitely help to improve the team. The final options for this off-season would be to either sell off or stay put.

Tomas would be a game changer and would set the Padres up for big things in the future. But, without him, San Diego may just decide to stay put for another season and let their young players develop further. Or, and this may not be too fun to hear, they can sell off their best players (Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross, Ian Kennedy, Jedd Gyorko, etc.) and bring in more and more young players to develop in the farm system. That may not be fun to watch, but it may be the way to go.

Whatever the plan turns out to be, the Padres can’t bank on Tomas being with them next season. They need to make sure their off-season does not go to waste and have a backup in case the big slugger goes elsewhere. A.J. Preller has some interesting decisions to make this off season and it’s something to watch this winter.