Andrew Cashner Wants to Get Padres First No-Hitter


Padres ace Andrew Cashner has his eyes set on being the first Padres pitcher to toss a no-hitter, the Padres are the only team left in the Majors to not have a no-hitter. One thing is for sure, on days when Andrew Cashner takes the mound, there is always that feeling, everyone from the fans to the players, to the front office that poses the question, could this be the day? Cashner brings that buzz around not only the ballpark ,but around the city as well on days when he pitches. 

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I can remember one of the times that he became SO CLOSE to pitching the first Padre no – hitter. It was against the Detroit Tigers, I remember specifically because Iv’e had so much fun teasing my family members who live in Detroit about the Padres beating them in that series. Cashner threw 5.1 innings before giving up a bloop single to Rajai Davis of the Tigers, and that was the only hit he gave up in the game though, and he threw a complete game shutout against the Tigers, the Padres ended up winning that game 6-0.

According to Corey Brock of, Cashner says ” It’s always been a dream of mine to throw a no- hitter.”

There has been a lot of speculation around the team and the people who cover the team that the Padres might trade some of their starting pitching to get some much-needed impact bats, which means Cashner might not be a Padre by the time the season starts. I really hope he is a Padre by the time the season starts, because he is one of the only member of the pitching staff to reach triple digits on the radar gun, and he has been the only pitcher to consistently come so close to pitching the first Padres first no-hitter. Looking forward to 2015 already!