Padres Free Agent Player Profile: Max Scherzer


Max Scherzer has been one of the best pitchers in baseball for the past few years, as a member of the Detroit Tigers. Max has just recently turned down a qualifying offer from the Detroit Tigers, do you know what that means? If you said he’s a free agent, you are 100 percent right. Max Scherzer is now a free agent and able to sign with any team that gives him the offer he wants. Could the Padres sign him? It’s possible, though Max will probably be a few zeroes out of the Padres price range given the numbers he has put up over the past few seasons as a member of the Tigers organization.

Lets take a look at those numbers he put up. starting in the year 2013, when Scherzer made himself one of the most elite pitchers in baseball when he went 21-3, making 32 starts and pitching 214 1/3 innings for the season with a 2.9o ERA, also winning the American League Cy Young Award.

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In this past season, he was impressive once again. He made 33 starts in 2014 and went 18-5 with a little higher ERA at 3.15, pitching 220 1/3 innings. Can he fit in with the Padres? Absolutely he would add to the arsenal of pitchers that the Padres currently have, however these types of numbers usually means the player wants a pretty high contract with lots of money tied to it. Even though the payroll for the Padres is at $90 million, higher than it has been in the past, I still don’t see the Padres being able to sign Scherzer and trying to get enough offensive bats in the lineup too.