Padres, Carlos Quentin Have Mutual Interest in Trade


When the Padres acquired Carlos Quentin prior to the 2012 season, he was thought to be the big middle-of-the-order bat the Padres needed. Now, three seasons later, they’re still looking for that bat. While Quentin hasn’t been a bad player when he’s been fully healthy, and the Padres sure aren’t missing Simon Castro and Pedro Hernandez, the prospects given up for Quentin, it’s hard to label his tenure in San Diego a success thus far. Now that tenure could be coming to a close. Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union Tribune wrote that the Padres and Quentin “recognize what would be in their mutual interest” in regards to moving Quentin to an American League team.

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Part of the reason the Padres would be inclined to move Quentin: the $8 million owed to him this upcoming season as well as a $1o million option for 2016 with a $3 million buyout. That’s at least $11 million over the next two seasons to someone whose averaged 73 games a year over his three seasons in San Diego. Already $29 million deep on him, they’d like to get out from under his salary that has hamstrung the Padres already tight payroll.

So if the Padres don’t want to pay an aging and oft-injured Quentin, what team would? Well Lin mentions in his article that the interest is with an American League team. Part of what has kept Quentin out for as long as his injuries have is because he needed to get healthy enough to play the outfield, and in Petco that’s no simple task especially for someone with the athleticism of Quentin. In the AL, a team could afford to play a half-healthy Quentin at DH to get him in the lineup for his bat.

Quentin’s no-trade clause could also be a factor on where he ends up. While Quentin is coming up on free agency (if his option is declined) and he’ll want to go to a place where he’ll know he’ll play, but he could try to steer himself toward a contender if there’s interest. One team to watch out for could be the Detroit Tigers. Quentin would undoubtedly love to a place like Detroit where he’d know he’ll have a very good shot at not only playing in his first post season, but to win the World Series. On Detroit’s end they’re likely losing one of Torii Hunter and Victor Martinez or both and they could use an OF/DH who they can slot in the middle of their order. The Orioles, Royals and Mariners could be other potential suitors.

While the haul for Quentin won’t be anything too special, ridding themselves of that contract could be more beneficial to the Padres than any return in a trade. Hopefully the situation has a quick resolution so that the Padres are able to use the freed up money as soon as possible, but any resolution would be welcome.