Good Riddance! Dodgers Name Josh Byrnes VP of Baseball Operations


How long ago does it seem now that we were all clamoring for the dismissal of then-Padres GM Josh Byrnes for running this franchise into the ground? It finally happened once summer came, and it left the franchise on a mid-season search for his replacement that ended with the naming of A.J. Preller as the team’s new GM in August, shortly after the non-waiver trading deadline.

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Baseball is a strange game sometimes, and it’s an even smaller world when personnel–both on the field and off continue to get recycled over and over again regardless of one’s track record and results. Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers obviously haven’t paid much attention to the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks in recent years. The Trolley Dodgers named former Padres’ GM Josh Byrnes their Vice President of Baseball Operations. Sure, the Dodgers also have former Rays GM Andrew Friedman ultimately pulling the strings, and they also have their own new GM in Farhan Zaidi. How well did Moneyball with money work for Paul DePodesta when he was running the Dodgers?

If Stan Kasten and company don’t keep a firm grip and eye on Byrnes, he’ll leave the Dodgers in shambles the same way he did with the Padres and D-Backs. For Padres’ fans, that may not be a bad thing. After all, it seems that A.J. Preller is on the ball, assembling a virtual dream team of scouting and international talent developers, and has exiled many of the old regime that clung to the very words that Byrnes espoused while burying the franchise.

As the Padres did just over a week ago with the poaching of Logan White from the Dodgers after over a dozen years of service, the Dodgers returned the favor, when Byrnes hired Billy Gasparino away from the Padres and have named him scouting director.

Best of luck Dodger fans, all the money in the world, or that Guggenheim has won’t be enough to undo the damage that Josh Byrnes will put on your franchise. Sure, he’ll help develop your farm system, but then again, he could very waste a draft pick on LeBron James. I mean, why not, it appears that professional athletes from all walks of life aren’t off limits!