Padres’ Everth Cabrera In More Legal Trouble


We all know the questions marks about Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera. I’ve called for the Padres to let him go in this space before. We all found out about his legal trouble, and now it got a little worse.

According to reports, not only is Everth charged with possession of marijuana from his September 3rd incident, he is also being charged with resisting arrest. The DA didn’t have enough evidence to pursue DUI charges.

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This can only add to the speculation that Cabrera wont be a member of the Padres in 2015 and get non-tendered.

Here’s what A.J. Preller said on Cabrera via

"“I think you’ve got to evaluate where he is physically and some of the off-the-field deal and make a decision going forward about where he’s at playing-wise for us at shortstop and the future,” Preller said in late September. “Honestly, I think that’s going to be the next month, the next two months. The discussion’s not just Everth. It’s everyone on the ball club.”"

Cabrera is a Scott Boras client and isn’t currently playing winter ball.

For Everth’s sake, I hope he gets healthy and gets a chance to play. But after all of this, it shouldn’t be with the Padres. They need to move in a different direction.