Bud Black World Series Ties To Giants-Royals


Bud Black’s feelings towards picking either the San Francisco Giants or the Kansas City Royals in this year’s World Series are pretty neutral. Why you ask? Bud Black played for both squads in his pitching career. Black was traded from his hometown Seattle Mariners to the Kansas City Royals in March 1982. Black thought that was the worst news ever but really, it worked out pretty nice. Three years later, the Royals played the St. Louis Cardinals in the “I-70” World Series in 1985, which the Royals went on to win in seven games. 

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After Buddy’s career with the Royals, he later went on to pitch with the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians. Then in 1991, he signed with the San Francisco Giants where he played until 1994, then returning to the Cleveland Indians in 1995 and calling it a career.

Bud Black still offers his expertise on how the series could go. “The Giants are swinging the bats well. Most of these games have been determined by how the bullpen performs and how the offense performs against the bullpens. No one has penetrated that Royals’ pen. There’s strong pitching on both sides. I foresee low-scoring games … tight from the sixth inning on.” Via Corey Brock of MLB.com.

Overall, his

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in the 80’s was spot on.

Keep The Faith.