What Does The Winter Have In Store For The Padres?


In the Padres chat interview with Dennis Lin and Jeff Sanders for the Padres upcoming winter, they talked about everything from Josh Johnson being a Padre in 2015 to if they think the Padres will keep center fielder Cameron Maybin.

They included talking about Yosmany Tomas and whether they think he might end up as a Padre, here is what they said, ” He could wind up with the Padres because he may not be worth what he wants, If the bid falls short of the 100 million contract Tomas may want, the Padres would be in a better position to talk contract.”

Does it seem likely the Padres can land Yosmany Tomas this off season? Maybe, but the chips would have to fall in the Padres way for that to happen.

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Will Josh Johnson be back next year? They seem to think not, because in the interview it is stated that the Padres pitching staff could take a hit or two this off-season because of the need of bats in the lineup.

The Padres will have some major decisions to make this off season that will shape the future of the San Diego Padres ball club for years to come.

What changes will be made? Who stays and who goes? Time will tell. One thing is for sure the 2015 Padres will be drastically different from the 2014 Padres.

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