Padres And City Mayor Faulconer Negotiate Ending City Tickets


The long list of City flubs continue in San Diego, from former Mayor Bob Filner’s controversies ending his short term in office to the usual list of pothole problems. This one now hits the incentive part of being a city politician. Mayor Kevin Faulconer now wants to end free city tickets to Padres and Chargers games due to officials abusing their privileges. 

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This idea of removing the suites available to local politicians can then be invested into a budget to spread those finances into actually improving city streets and other little chore lists that the city could use by selling these suites. Others say these suites are distributed to less fortunate people who normally can’t afford to attend professional sporting events.

Either way, as long as the city sees the benefit for the people and not the other way around (benefiting the teams pockets) they both seem like genuine ideas. Changing this policy is easier for the Padres to do than say the Chargers, since the Padres are out of season and the Padres control who has what suites. Sure would be nice to have some smoother roads in downtown though.

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