Is Bud Black the Right Choice for Manager of the Padres?


There has been a lot of speculation lately about Bud Black being manager of the San Diego Padres. The club has confirmed that he will return as manager in 2015, hence the speculation of why are the Padres keeping him? Let’s look into that. Through his 8 seasons as manager, the Padres haven’t made the playoffs. So why keep him? Maybe it’s because the Padres’ new General Manager, A.J. Preller is going into his first off-season as the GM of the Padres and hasn’t got a chance to see what Buddy is truly capable of. 

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One thing is known though; everybody loves working with Bud Black from the front office all the way down to the players. He is also one of the most respected managers around the game, so I can understand why the Padres wouldn’t want to lose him as the manager. But, with that said, if he doesn’t get the team to perform better , the front office might have to let him go.

The reason being, is that Black has had 8 years as the manager, and the Padres haven’t gotten to the playoffs since Bruce Bochy was manager, so the fan base is getting restless.  However, unlike Bochy, Black has dealt with multiple owners and GMs, so the stability of the organization has been an issue since the start of his tenure. Will the Padres let Bud Black go if next year if he isn’t successful? I have to believe so, but that still remains to be seen. We will have to wait until next year for the answer to that question. Until then Friar Faithful…

Let’s Keep the Faith.