What Should The Padres Do With Josh Johnson?


One of the moves that former GM Josh Byrnes made before last season was signing right-hander Josh Johnson to a one-year deal with an option for 2015 at $4 million, that could be picked up if he made seven or less starts. Well, Johnson made a grand total of zero starts. So what should the Padres do about that option for next year? 

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Here’s what A.J. Preller had to say on him from padres.com:


"With Josh, he’s a guy that everyone has a positive feel for. We’ll try to go down the road with him and try to present something to him that makes sense to him,” Preller said."

The thing the Padres have is depth in the starting pitching department. Though even when you think you have depth, you don’t. Just ask any of the teams who lost a bunch of starters this year like the New York Yankees or Arizona Diamondbacks.

Johnson seems to want to come back and the Padres seem like they want him back.

If I am A.J. Preller, I’d re-sign him too, but not for $4 million.

I’d sign him to heavily incentive laden contract for next season.  You can’t trust him to stay healthy.

Johnson can improve the depth the Padres have and become a guy that if they get anything out of him it’s a bonus rather then him being counted on.