Padres Cash In on Pitching Health

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After a triple earlier, why not a bunt single? Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Player Recap

Andrew Cashner and Alexi Amarista share this week’s Padre of the Week Honors. Cashner of course pitched great as outlined in the previous slide, and Alexi Amarist “blasted” two homers this week, so why not? To think the Padres got Amarista for a reliever that is barely pitching in relief anymore and The Little Ninja could enter 2015 battling for the starting shortstop role is a pretty good thing. One can only hope that the recent trade with the Angles for Huston Street nets similar dividends in 2015 for the Padres.

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In general, I was really hoping a player would just tear it down the stretch for the Padres. That has not happened. Rymer Liriano has just been okay. Tommy Medica has cooled off, and Solarte has hit mediocrity offensively as well. Seth Smith’s average has dropped down quite a bit in the last month. If one player has answered the call it has been Amarista, so kudos to him.

One more week recap to go. Can the Padres get three wins to best last year’s record? How much higher can they get? Go Padres!

Record: 74-81

Standings: 14.5 GB NL West, 10 GB Wild Card