Sunday Brunch: Spangenberg Super Utility?


Super-Utility man may not be such a flattering role. It’s not sexy. It’s not starting centerfielder for the Yankees. It’s not being an ace on a World Series contender. However, winning teams need versatile guys who can start in multiple positions. Kind of what Martin Prado is to the Yankees and what Daniel Murphy could be for the Mets.

Cory Spangenberg could be that kind of guy. He’s played second, third and the outfield. That ability can give the Padres options when they are figuring out what to do with next year’s club.

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Could Jedd Gyorko move back over to third, where he played in the minors before making the switch? Gyorko is getting bigger and it may be a good idea to move him back.

What about Yangervis Solarte? Is he an answer or a bench player? He’s hit .265 with a .698 OPS. May not be starting material.

The Padres still have money tied up into Cameron Maybin, but between being suspended and being injured quite often, he could be a guy who’s changing scenery in the off-season especially with a new GM in town.

The point is, Spagneberg could help at any and all of them, and he could be used in different spots, different days of the week.

Yes, he’s a former first round pick. and a top prospect. and if you’d rather have him at one position all the time then to me it’s at second, however there’s still a case to be made for the Prado role.