Time For The Padres To Cut The Cord With Cabrera


The San Diego Padres have missed quite a few players due to injury this season. Cameron Maybin missed time then got suspended. Carlos Quentin, Jedd Gyorko, the list goes on an on. The other major player they’ve missed this season is Everth Cabrera. Cabrera last season had a breakout All-Star campaign, stealing 37 bases, hitting .283 and had a 3.1 WAR.

Then came the back end of the Biogenesis scandal. Cabrera was a part of that and got suspended for the final 50 games of last season ending his breakout campaign. This is what he said at the time per UT-San Diego:

"“I didn’t search for this. It was something that was presented to me,” Cabrera said then of the unspecified substance he received in the spring of 2012, which he said he took to help recover from a shoulder injury. “Never in my life or baseball career did I ever consider taking these substances. Even when I went to spring training, I wasn’t comfortable with what I was doing.”"

Now comes this week’s disaster of a DUI arrest for suspicion of marijuana possession. Cabrera is currently on the DL with a hamstring strain  and only played in 90 games this year where he hit .232 with 18 steals this season.

It’s time for the Pads to cut the cord with Everth.

I’m all for giving people second chances and people make mistakes. Heck marijuana is legal in two states in this country. It’s not that he was arrested for marijuana possession, it’s the fact that he got arrested at a time when he should be rehabbing to get back.

In a year after he got suspended for steroids.

I mentioned two guys last week in Mike Aviles and Emilio Bonifacio who could be interesting parts to add, and I still believe that and even more so now.

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Cabrera is arbitration-eligible again this off-season. The Padres don’t need that kind of character question on their squad. Cabrera has ability, but you have to question his commitment if he’s stupid enough to pull this kind of thing.

Cut him loose and move on.