Friars Flapjacks: Sorry If The Truth Hurts For The Padres


You’re attention please, fans of the Padres. I have some things to say that can be tough to hear. Now, I understand my recent post about how rebuilding hurts and San Diego isn’t going to be a fun baseball town for the next couple years may have ruffled a few feathers. Yes, I am aware that the Padres have been pretty much unstoppable since the All-Star Break, and that can be interpreted as the team “turning around” and signifies a competitive season to come in 2015. While I appreciate the optimism and enthusiasm, it’s unrealistic to expect the Padres to be any better than this year come 2015. Playing in the juggernaut National League West isn’t going to do them any favors either. It’s time to face facts and accept the long road ahead.

Mandatory Credit: Billy Brost

I’m not trying to sound like a broken record, but this concept shouldn’t be that hard to grasp. The Padres will not be able to compete against the Dodgers and the Giants for a long time and next year is pretty much out of the question. Even if the Giants lose Pablo Sandoval to free agency in the off-season, they’ll still be a better overall team than the Friars.

If the Dodgers lose Hanley Ramirez, they’ll probably be a better team all around than this season due to Ramirez’s constant injuries, defensive and maturity issues. The Dodgers’ pitching staff will still be dominant, their offense will still be potent with the likes of Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig and Carl Crawford. Next year is not going to be any better than this year for the Padres. Plain and simple folks. “Well then Matt, explain this second half surge.” Well thank you concerned fan that I just made up! I will do that (I’m odd. Deal with it).

We’ve seem this whole song and dance before. Last season, the Padres did the same thing after All-Star weekend and that was with Chase Headley at third and Huston Street closing out ball games. The analysts around baseball said “Oh the Padres could have something once next season comes around”. That didn’t happen. It didn’t. Instead the Padres got off to a miserable start, and literally pulled the trigger on the ultimate sign (and definition I might add) of rebuilding. They sold! Headley to New York, Street to Los Angles and Denorfia to Seattle. The only reason no one took Quentin was because he’s hurt and Benoit is bound to go this winter or next summer. They sold off their best stars for young prospects. THAT’S THE DEFINITION OF REBUILDING!

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Fans, it’s not fun to sit here and serve up this hopefully eye-opening cup of coffee with this morning’s flapjacks. But, we have to wake up and accept facts for what they are no matter how many really bad breakfast jokes it takes. This team is going to compete in this century, but it’s not going to be any time soon. I could be wrong. In 2015 the Padres could shock the world and win the whole thing and bring a ring to San Diego. Yes! Cheap Hollywood movies are still alive and well! I’m sorry fans of the Friars, but it’s time to read the writing on the wall and sit tight while rebuilding takes it’s course. You stay logical, San Diego.