Cashner to Make His Return on Saturday


The long awaited return of Andrew Cashner is finally coming. Go buy tickets now for Saturday’s game, because you’ll be the first to see the Padre ace back on the major league stage for the first time since June 18th. Phoenix isn’t that far of a drive, and the flame-throwing righty will make it well worth the price of admission and the gas it took to get there as well as the hotel room, unless you want to make the 5 hour trek back at 11 P.M. or later.

The Padres expected great things from Andrew Cashner in 2014 and they got them, sometimes. He’s pitched great when he’s pitched, but that has only happened 12 times this year. In those 12 starts he pitched 6 or more innings each time with the exception of 1 bad start. His 2.36 ERA would be good for 5th best in all of baseball and third in the National League if he qualified. He has shown he can be in the upper echelon of pitchers if he’s healthy.

That’s the problem though it’s a big if. He became a starter last year and tossed 175 innings more than more than his previous career high which had been 3 years prior. Ramping up the workload on his arm so suddenly could have been the root the injuries that occurred this year. Luckily nothing was serious and it seemed to be more soreness than anything. I’m not doctor, but I think that is consistent with my theory that the sudden shift in workload tired out his arm.

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None of his injuries appear to be anything that could lead to long term effects, so getting him back on the mound facing big league pitching again and strengthening his arm is what’s most important right now. It’s good to see he’ll be getting that chance tomorrow.