Friars Flapjacks: Trade Benoit Soon


Guys, it’s time to trade Joaquin Benoit. Not a popular opinion, because he’s had such a great season in San Diego (Nothing I ever say is very popular) but the Padres would be smart to deal him off sooner than later. In an era where the team packing the biggest and baddest bullpen will reign supreme, an arm like Benoit’s could fetch a fair price in a trade. He has value as a setup man or as a closer and a lot of teams could have use for him including the Tigers, whose bullpen must have been cursed by a voodoo doctor, the Yankees, whose pen is one of the strongest in baseball, but would probably love to bulk it up even more, and the Dodgers, who are constantly trying to shore up their bullpen. The Marlins, Giants and Athletics could also be potential suitors. Sending Benoit on his way is something that would make sense for the Padres, now officially in a rebuilding mode with A.J. Preller at the helm, as the market for bullpen arms is low, but the need is strong.

Mandatory Credit: Billy Brost

A deal sending Benoit out of San Diego could bring in a very good return for the Friars. Look at the deal between the Tigers and the Rangers struck to send former closer Joakim Soria to Detroit. The Tigers were forced to send two of their top prospects to Texas to gain Soria, which could only highlight the ever growing need for premium bullpen weapons. Will Benoit garner a similar price? Probably not, but the Padres could gain some good young players like they did when they dealt closer Huston Street to the Angels. The plan for the Padres going forward is to build around the group of young, talented players already in the Major Leagues and do so with more young and talented players.

Chase Headley brought them a conceivable third baseman for the future in Yangervis Solarte who is under contract for multiple years. Huston Street got them a number of highly rated prospects and they received outfielder Abraham Almonte and a minor league pitcher for Chris Denorfia. Why hold on to Benoit at this point. With another year on his contract, his value in trades is higher than it’ll be if they decide to trade him at next year’s trade deadline. A team in contention would likely pay the price needed to add the veteran bullpen arm. It’s something that the Padres should’ve already done and should now do as soon as possible.

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