Friars Flapjacks: Hang On Tight San Diego


The dust is settling on another season and once again the Padres have been disappointing for the most part. The Padres will not be heading to the playoffs and more than likely will finish below .500 once again. Let’s face facts and admit, it’s not getting any better any time soon. It’s going to be a process and a pretty long one at that. Is it going to be fun? Not really, but the eventual end result should be. The team’s new General Manager, A.J. Preller looks to be up to the task of building a team that can win in the future. But patience is a virtue, and fans in San Diego need to sit and wait until that day when they’ll finally be rewarded.

Mandatory Credit: Billy Brost

It’s an ugly truth that the Padres won’t be able to compete for a long while, because the titan that is the Los Angeles Dodgers, will rule the National League West. The Dodgers are a larger market. They’re more attractive to free agents, and they pack a fatter checkbook than the Friars. Obviously the Dodgers, the best damn gun in the West, will mow down their division rivals when it comes to free agency.

The Padres will have to rely on their farm system and, while they have one of the best in baseball, reinforcements are still a ways away. Top prospect, catcher Austin Hedges is still floating around in Double-A. Their number 3 prospect, left-handed pitcher Max Fried, will undergo Tommy John Surgery and won’t pitch again until 2016. That’s a tough loss for the organization and a big setback for Fried. It’s not all bad news.

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As we know outfield prospect, Rymer Liriano, was recently called up to the Major Leagues and has already made a big impression on the team. His early success is huge because the organization needs their young guys to be able to carry the team in the future. The big thing with the team’s future will be how they sort out their current roster (meaning trades, contract extensions, etc.) and how their future investments in the international prospect market pay off. It’s going to be a long process, and fans cannot abandon their team through it. In the future, the Padres may just be a powerhouse. Stay loyal San Diego, and keep the faith.