Friars Flapjacks: Please Ditch Francoeur


I’ll get right to the point here and this is going to sound harsh. The Padres need to dump Jeff Francoeur because he’s not helping himself or the organization. I can understand wanting to stay in the game but there comes a point where enough is enough. Frenchy had a good run with the Mets and Royals but the past couple years with the Indians, Giants and now the Padres have been brutal. What will Frencoeur be remembered for? That he had one hell 0f an arm in the outfield, totalling 121 assists throughout his career. That’s been his main calling throughout his 10 year career. Yeah, Francoeur is still technically in his prime at only the age of 30, but it seems pretty clear that his best seasons are behind him. I hate to say it because I’ve always been fan of his, but I think it’s evident that it’s time to take a seat. The Padres are going young and Francoeur, while still only 30, is taking up a roster spot in Triple-A or wherever that could be used to used on a growing prospect. Hey, maybe a veteran team with outfield needs could have use for him, but San Diego needs to let go.

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Mandatory Credit: Billy Brost

It’s not just Francoeur either. Players have a habit of thinking there is a place in the game for them when that ship has sailed. Example, former San Diego Padre Xavier Nady. I’m sorry buddy, but if teams keep parting ways with you maybe it’s time you do the same thing. I don’t know what Nady is thinking, but he’s not going to be a major league player any longer. If you’ve been outrighted to Triple-A then go there or leave (Obviously my opinion is to just leave). The independent leagues are the only place Nady could start everyday, but these guys like to stick around waaaaaaay too long. The same with Francoeur. I applaud him for not electing free agency and gripping to an illusion but after a while, it must be painful for a really nice guy like him. After this season I don’t know what use the organization will have for him. I say this not be harsh, but because it’s kind of sad at points to see players reach for something they can’t have. That’s my two cents on the subject but in the end the pattern will continue.