Friars Flapjacks: What’s With All The Injuries?


Injuries are plaguing baseball like that pesky Black Death way back when. Why is this going 0n? Can’t we keep players healthy for a whole season?  The Padres have faced their fair share of injuries this season and it’s cost the team. Team ace Andrew Cashner? Yeah, he missed a few months and still isn’t back. Our starting shortstop? Boom! He’s on the disabled list. How about the first baseman? Yep put him on the list. Yesterday Yangervis Solarte, who somehow managed to stay healthy his entire time with the Yankees before the trade for Chase Headley (Who, by the way was also on the disabled list) left yesterday’s game with an oblique problem. Oh yeah and the team’s big free agent acquisition? Who was it? Josh Johnson, right? Sorry, I couldn’t remember because he’s been hurt all year and hasn’t thrown one pitch for the Padres. Something is up and I want to know what it is.

Mandatory Credit: Billy Brost

Yesterday was a huge day for injuries. Aside from the Padres’ injuries, Dodgers’ pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu left his start with an injury and is set to undergo an MRI. Texas put Yu Darvish on the 15-day disabled list and he might miss the rest of the season. But that’s the icing on the cake for Texas who have lost pretty much their entire roster to injuries this year.

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Teams aren’t just losing their players, but the sport is losing some of their most entertaining stars. Cashner was having a great season and was really fun to watch. Josh Johnson was expecting a big season within the walls of the pitcher friendly Petco Park. Hey, how about Andrew McCutchen in Pittsburgh? He’s pretty fun to watch and now he’s gone. Masahiro Tanaka in New York? He’s hurt. Prince Fielder in Texas? He’s couch surfing this season. So it may not just be the Padres, but injuries have hurt their chances of even looking like a respectable team. I can’t remember a time when injuries were this crippling to the sport. It’s an real problem that is escalating these past few years and whatever is going on needs to stop. We can’t afford to let injuries hurt baseball like this any longer.