Padres’ Prospect Profile: Tyler Greene


Tyler Greene is the type of player you root for. He is the type of player that gives 110% every time he is on the field. Greene is a 30-year-old minor league journeyman—who will be 31 today—currently in the Padres system. On the season, he owns a triple slash line of .291/.339/.434 while playing at the Triple-A level El Paso Chihuahuas, but for his career at the Major League level he owns a .224/.263/.352 over 5 season with 3 different teams.

Greene was originally drafted in 2005 by the St. Louis Cardinals. He would works his way through thr minors and make his Major League debut in 2009 with the Red Birds. He would bounce back a forth between Triple-A and the Majors. Greene would be very successful every year at the Triple-A level, but his bat would go dead quiet whenever he was promoted. Greene seems to be one of those players referred to as a Quadruple-A player.

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A Quadruple-A player is the player who has a lot of success at the Triple-A level, but for whatever reason can never quite translate and carry over that success against Major League pitching. Unfortunately Tyler Greene fits that mold. However, these types of players are great to keep in your system; their hard work and continued motivation can rub off on other prospects similar to the character Crash Davis in Bull Durham.

I hope that Greene will be able to have enough success during his next call-up that he will be able to at least stay in the Major Leagues as a super utility bench player. These kind of players have earned and deserve all the success that comes their way.

Keep the Faith.