Friars Flapjacks: Possible Replacements if Black Goes


A few days ago my editor, Billy Brost, wrote an article titled “With Preller In, Is Bud Black Out” where he highlighted former Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek as the main candidate to take over as Padres’ manager if Bud Black were to be fired. Is a manager change imminent? Not right now. But, normally when there is a regime change, the new General Manager, meaning A.J. Preller in this case, likes to bring in their own guy to manage so that they can have their method of winning being practiced on the field. While the case for Varitek is a good one, it’s not all that easy to bring in a new skipper and a multitude of options are almost always explored. As far as managerial applicants, I can imagine a few very viable options for the Padres and their new General Manger (Not including the previously mentioned Varitek).

Mandatory Credit: Billy Brost

  • Jason Giambi– 20-year Major League veteran, 5-time All-Star, American League MVP in 2000
  • Dusty Baker– 19-year Major League veteran, 2-time All-Star, 1981 World Series Champion, 20 years as a big league manager, 3-time National League Manager of the Year
  • Jim Leyland– 27-years as a big league manager, 2-time National League Manager of the Year, American League Manager of the Year in 2006
  • Omar Vizquel– 24-year Major League veteran, 3-time American League All-Star, 11-time Gold Glove winner

Cleveland’s manager, Terry Francona has praised the leadership Giambi has brought to his team and says his future as a manager in the show is just around the corner. He applied to be the manager of the Rockies before the 2013 season, but then the Indians offered him a contract as a designated hitter, and he finished second to Walt Weiss.

On days he wasn’t in the lineup, he helped Francona with coaching decisions and working with the Indians’ young players. But if you’re looking for a more brand name manager, then Baker and Leyland are more your speed. Baker was fired before this season and people wondered why. His team made just missed the playoffs but were competitive the whole year and Baker was let go as really just a change of scenery type move. Baker has experience and success managing in the National League, and his tenor in the game could help whip a young Padres club into shape.

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Leyland retired after the 2013 season, but in baseball retirement doesn’t always stick. He’s currently working as a consultant for the Tigers and a decent enough pitch could convince the tough, old school veteran to return to the dugout for another go at it. Just like Baker, Leyland would be able to bring some experience to a Friars team without a whole lot of veteran presence. Then of course there’s Vizquel who, after leading his teams as a shortstop for 24 years, is now a coach in Detroit. As a former field general and defensive wizard, his input for an inexperienced San Diego club would be invaluable. For now Bud Black‘s job is his own. and there’s only speculation that Preller will show him the door. But if he does get shipped out, there’s plenty of options to chose from.