Preller Will Be Limited On Who Joins Him In San Diego


Earlier this week, the Padres announced that A.J. Preller would be their next GM. The next question is whom will Preller have around him as he begins the next chapter in the San Diego organization? Most GMs want to bring individuals whom they have worked with in the past. When owner Jeff Moorad came over from the Arizona Diamondback, he brought along with him Josh Byrnes and A.J. Hinch. Who will Preller bring over from Texas to help him build up his own empire? The short answer is no one.

When the Padres received permission from the Texas Rangers to interview Preller, current Ranger GM Jon Daniels set up very specific ground rules. If Preller was hired, he would be very limited on who he would be able to bring out West. Before Preller joined the Texas front office in 2004, he had worked as in intern for the Philadelphia Phillies, after which he spent sometime in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ front office. It will be interesting to see whom he brings along his new journey with him.

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In the coming weeks, Preller will have time to get him feet wet, and work with those who are still in the Padres’ organization. Earlier this week A.J. Hinch announced he will be leaving the organization; that leaves Omar Minaya and Fred Uhlman as the lasting members of the interim GM committee that navigated the Padres after Byrnes was fired, through the trade deadline until Preller was hired.

I am excited to see where Preller takes the organization. His specialty is international scouting. Hopefully the Padres’ ownership group will open their wallets and let him work his magic.

Keep the Faith.