Tigers (Were) Interested in Padres 3B Chase Headley


At some point this off-season, just about every team will eventually be linked to trade talks surrounding Chase Headley. At least that’s how it feels. Last night, the news was of conversations the Tigers had with the Padres about Headley. As all reports indicate though, those talks are going nowhere fast.

The Padres want a big return if they trade Headley. Teams are interested, but none have met Josh Byrnes’ requirements. Without knowing those requirements, Padres fans should feel pretty confident that Byrnes understands Headley’s value to the team and his value to the market. If he didn’t, Headley would already be gone.

So far, the Cubs, the Rockies, and the Tigers have been linked to Headley. None of the trade talks seem to have gotten past the initial stages. The Padres are looking for a proven player, probably someone who could start immediately if they decide to trade Headley. No one has offered that yet.

I would expect to see Headley on the Padres opening day roster, but would expect his trade value to increase exponentially by the July trade deadline. A team in need of a bit of offense to push themselves into contention may come calling. When that time comes, perhaps the Padres will get the deal they’re looking for. But for now, Headley is remaining a Padre, and the team is better because of it.