Kyle Blanks is Going HAM For Tucson Padres


Kyle Blanks is going HAM down in Triple-A Tucson hitting he cover off of the ball. He is in the midst of a 16 game hitting streak and is batting almost .400 in his 19 games in Tucson. In those 19 games, he now has 6 home runs (hitting his 6th last night)!

Just in case you need a definition for HAM:

"2. Acronym for Hard As a Mother***3. When a person is unstoppable or just in the zone in any type sport or competition setting; It can also be defined as going crazy and buying up everything in a store; or even doing something beast"

Blanks is waiting for his chance to get back into the big leagues and that bat is enjoying its time in Tucson.

His time may come when we find a trading partner to take Ryan Ludwick. Blanks would move into the starting lineup and we would have an outfield of Blanks, Cameron Maybin and Will Venable with Chris Denorfia coming off the bench. If these guys are able to produce, it could be our outfield for a few seasons.

Check out Blanks’ numbers down on the farm from this season: