Chicken Friar Breakfast – 11/11/10


"Gonzalez, who has been wearing a sling since having surgery to repair his right labrum, is expected to be ready for Spring Training in February, though there’s no telling when he’ll be able to start swinging a bat."

"“(My contract) affects every single young (first baseman), Ike Davis and Joey Votto and every guy behind me that’s going to sign a contract, and I (will) set the market for them,” Gonzalez told San Diego radio station XX1090. “Ryan Howard and those names that are being thrown out there, they set the market for when I become a free agent. So when those guys behind us are free agents, I’m going to be the one setting the market for them. In essence, if I take what you call a San Diego discount, I’m affecting their market, I’m affecting what they’re going to make.”"

"Adrian Gonzalez will be linked to the Red Sox each and every day this offseason, and the bulk of those links will classify him as a franchise-changing addition in Boston.Before labeling him the savior, however, one has to wait for Gonzalez to heal from shoulder surgery, and that could take some time."