A Quick Announcement


If you haven’t already, make sure to check out FanSided MLB’s new flagship site, Call to the Pen, which was launched earlier this week.

I have had the pleasure of being asked to contribute to that site as one of seven featured columnists, despite my relative lack of time here at Chicken Friars.

My columns on Call to the Pen will appear every Thursday. Called “This Week in Prospects,” my columns will profile ten players every week: three top prospects performing as expected, three top prospects slumping or underperforming, three sleepers, and one Quad-A guy.

Make sure to check out the first installment tomorrow (Simon Castro is one of the three top prospects performing as expected, so you don’t want to miss it!).

This won’t affect my writing over here much, although don’t be surprised if Tuesday or Wednesday are a bit slow content-wise as I prepare my Call to the Pen column. I’ll still make sure plenty gets posted over here, so don’t worry!