The Morning Friar - 3/17/11

“And you wonder why they boo!” Hudson yelled on Tuesday morning on one of the back fields at Peoria Sports Complex.

The target of his playful taunt was his San Diego Padres teammate Chase Headley(notes), who had failed to hit one of the baseballs out of the infield.

With absolutely no offense to Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams and closer Heath Bell, San Diego pitching coach Darren Balsley said Sunday that there’s more to a successful bullpen than who pitches the final three innings of a game.

“Some of the most important guys in a bullpen are the middle men and the long men,” Balsley said. “We’ve seen that here.”

“To be honest with you, if you look around the league, look at Cincinnati with Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs, or Colorado with Dexter Fowler,” Maybin says. “They were able to go through their struggles before they had their success.

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