The Morning Friar - 3/4/11

Mike Adams has heard the rap: That while the Padres’ lean right-handed reliever is nails as an eighth-inning specialist, he’s too injury prone to be a closer.

San Diego Padres bench coach Rick Renteria was scheduled to undergo surgery Thursday night to repair a broken palate. Renteria went to the hospital for further evaluation in the morning after he was struck in the face with a line drive during batting practice. The ball ricocheted off a screen designed to protect Renteria and hit him just above the mouth, pushing his front teeth back.

Prospect Smackdown: Simon Castro vs. Casey Kelly

The two best pitching prospects in the San Diego Padres system are right-handers Simon Castro and Casey Kelly. Per reader request, here is a Prospect Smackdown comparing the two.

Team building activities during spring training almost always are built around competition or simply having fun.

The San Diego Padres did both Thursday morning

If “winning” is your lifestyle, then The Diamond in Lake Elsinore is the place to be May 5 for some “Major League” fun as Storm baseball hosts, ‘Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo.’

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