BOS Youkilis Training at 3B, Making Room for A-Gon?

Sports Illustrated Baseball writer reported that Kevin Youkilis is training at the 3B position for the upcoming season and that just brings more speculation about the rumor of them making a play for Adrian Gonzales. The loudest noise that any team is making for A-Gon is Boston and I have the feeling that it is just a matter of time before we see him in a Boston uniform.

There are a number of prospects that we can get from them and it would first start with Jacoby Ellsbury. We just made a move to bring in Cameron Maybin and it may not make as much sense as before, BUT Ellsbury is an athlete and would be a MONSTER in Petco Park. His style of play is perfect for the way that Petco plays. Even though it looks like our outfield is crowded, I would still try to make a play for Jacoby.

Jed Lowrie is definitely a name that we should keep an eye on during this process. The Padres do not have any of their middle infielders signed for the season at this point. There have been rumors for the Padres in on Jason Bartlett and the Japanese SS. The Padres are trying to find the player for the future at that position and I don’t see anyone in the organization that is ready at this time.

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