Watch Padres vs. Mariners Spring Breakout game live on Friars On Base

Tune in to watch the Padres top prospects.
San Diego Padres pitcher Ethan Salas (90)
San Diego Padres pitcher Ethan Salas (90) / Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball is constantly tinkering with rules, technology, and this year, even the uniforms. As a fan, these constant changes can grow tiresome. But there's one change coming this year that almost every fan will love.

Spring Breakout debuts this year and the four-day prospect showcase will allow the Friar faithful to see all of the San Diego Padres top prospects on the field at the same time.

The Padres prospects will take the field against the top players in the Seattle Mariners farm system on March 15th at 12:10 p.m. PT at Peoria Stadium, and you can watch the game right here in this article on Friars On Base.

The live stream for the seven-inning game will run below:

MLB Spring Breakout: What to expect from Padres vs. Mariners

The MLB Spring Breakout rosters are comprised of a team's Top 20-25 prospects. So Padres fans will get to see top catching prospect Ethan Salas likely on the field with top-rated pitcher Robby Snelling and shortstop Jackson Merrill.

Spring Breakout will also feature some unique rules changes. Teams will be allowed to test out Major League Baseball's new ABS (automatic balls and strikes) system that has been used in the minor leagues. Each team can challenge up to three ball-strike calls per game. There is also no three batter minimum so Padres fans will have the chance to see several of San Diego's young pitchers during the game.