This Padres-White Sox trade package could send ace Garrett Crochet to San Diego

AJ Preller could swing another huge trade ahead of the deadline for Crochet, but it would be very costly.
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The San Diego Padres have already been a lot busier when it comes to adding players in 2024 than fans thought was going to be the case this season. While the Padres did lose a lot of really talented guys last offseason like Juan Soto, Blake Snell, and Josh Hader, AJ Preller clearly isn't going down this season without a fight. It was surprising enough when he swung a trade for Dylan Cease right before 2024 started, but Preller then also went out and added Luis Arráez in an early deal as well.

For nearly any other front office, that would be considered a job well done when it comes to making big trades. Those two represented a significant investment, especially in terms of prospect capita, and no one would have blamed San Diego if they made small moves the rest of the way.

However, that approach isn't in AJ Preller's DNA. Despite the fact that San Diego has given up quite a bit of their prospect depth in those two moves, the Padres are reportedly pursuing Garrett Crochet in talks with the White Sox. What would it take for the Padres to get a deal for Crochet done? We are so glad you asked.

What would a Padres trade package for Garrett Crochet look like?

Based purely on what the Padres have in their minor league system right now, it is extremely likely that San Diego would have to part with one of Ethan Salas, Jackson Merrill, or Leo De Vries to get a deal for Crochet done. Chicago is basically requiring a position player prospect with real upside early on in discussions for Crochet and those are the three guys that fit the bill the best. However, Merrill has become an important part of the Padres' big league roster and both Salas and De Vries are valued highly by San Diego, so this is where things get complicated.

Crochet has been great this year with a 3.49 ERA despite having a terrible team behind him. His peripherals point to him being much better than his ERA would suggest and the guy just flat out misses bats with a 12 K/9 strikeout rate. Given his raw stuff and that he is under control through the 2026 season, he is going to cost a good bit. However, he also isn't an established star pitcher yet, so the Padres may prefer to get creative instead of parting with Salas or De Vries, both of whom figure to be important parts of their future.

Perhaps a three-way trade could be the answer. Preller could find a team with young, high upside position player that they would be willing to part with for some pitching prospect depth like Robby Snelling and Dylan Lesko. The Orioles would make sense in that world, but they would also make a lot of sense to just trade for Crochet themselves, which complicates that plan quite a bit.

In short, don't expect the White Sox to expect anything less than a top position prospect (Salas or De Vries) plus two more guys in the Homer Bush Jr./Ryan Bergert tier of the farm system. Given Crochet's performance this season and how much team control he has, it will take at least that much to start a conversation with the White Sox on him. You have to give to get, and it seems like Preller is looking to wheel and deal once again.

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