San Diego Padres rumors: Josh Hader's Instagram message sure feels like goodbye

The San Diego Padres closer seemed to put a close on his time in San Diego with a simple Instagram post.

San Diego Padres relief pitcher Josh Hader
San Diego Padres relief pitcher Josh Hader / Ray Acevedo-USA TODAY Sports

There have been plenty of rumors circulating that Josh Hader's time with the San Diego Padres has come to a close, and Hader's simple post on Instagram certainly seemed to indicate the relief pitcher feels the same way.

San Diego Padres rumors: Did Josh Hader say goodbye on Instagram?

In a Monday post on Instagram, Hader posted a picture of himself smiling in the dugout (likely during San Diego's recent trip to play the San Francisco Giants) with the words, "SD, you’ll have a special place in my heart forever. To all the loyal fans that supported us every day, thank you & much love." That was followed by the "rock on" emoji.

While Hader didn't come right out and say he was gone, telling Friars fans that the city would have a special place in his heart forever sure feels like the 29-year-old southpaw is ready for his next MLB adventure.

If the Padres don't re-sign Hader, he will end his career in San Diego with 80 appearances for the franchise since coming over in a 2022 MLB trade deadline deal from the Milwaukee Brewers that changed the trajectory for both teams. This season, Hader earned an All-Star bid while posting a 1.28 ERA/2.69 FIP/1.101 WHIP in 56.1 innings spread over 61 games.

While Hader was effective, the end of the season was certainly rocky for him and the Padres, with a damning quote about his usage coming out during the San Francisco series in late September as San Diego fought to keep its faint playoff hopes alive.

Questions about Hader's availability as well as his expected price tag are some of the reasons why he isn't expected to be back in San Diego next season. If that is the case, Hader could return to San Diego, a place he shared his love for on Instagram, next season with another team.