San Diego Padres rumors: Consensus beginning to form regarding Juan Soto's future

MLB insiders are starting to agree on Juan Soto's future with the San Diego Padres.
Sep 29, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; San Diego Padres left fielder Juan Soto (22) bats against the
Sep 29, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; San Diego Padres left fielder Juan Soto (22) bats against the / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been reading the tea leaves over the last few days, you may have noticed a consensus forming within MLB circles as it pertains to San Diego Padres star Juan Soto. And it doesn't look promising for those hoping for a long-term marriage between the two sides.

In fact, quite the opposite sentiment appears to be prevailing.

After a rival GM recently told ESPN's Alden Gonzalez that the Friars "don't have much of a choice" regarding a Juan Soto trade, Gonzalez' colleague Buster Olney essentially corroborated this report Friday on ESPN New York's The Michael Kay Show.

ESPN insider Buster Olney thinks San Diego Padres will "100%" trade Juan Soto before the 2024 season

Now, we're not sure if Olney was bold enough to back up this sweeping declaration by betting his family's farm as he has in the past. Either way, though, these words still come off strong.

And still, the larger point remains: many in the industry believe Juan Soto will not be a member of the San Diego Padres in 2024, even if GM A.J. Preller and agent Scott Boras have expressed differing opinions. And that's significant for all sides.

Now that the question seems to be less about whether the 25-year-old superstar will be moved, the speculation will no doubt shift more towards where the Padres will trade Soto. And let's be clear: there will be plenty of suitors.

Destinations that have already been mentioned include both New York clubs (Yankees and Mets), but also others like the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and more.

Ultimately, the San Diego Padres shouldn't be in any rush to trade Juan Soto, as they can also decide to move him at next summer's trade deadline if no offers meet their asking price this winter. But regardless of the timing, one thing is becoming increasingly clear as the offseason progresses: Soto will likely be putting on someone else's colors before hitting free agency.