San Diego Padres: Ranking the 10 worst contracts in the NL West right now

The worst contracts in the NL West give a glimpse into why the 2023 season has been so bad for the San Diego Padres
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Colorado Rockies outfielder Kris Bryant
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2) Worst contracts in the NL West: Kris Bryant of the Colorado Rockies

When Kris Bryant entered free agency, the likelihood of him signing a massive nine-figure free agent deal was very high. He was a great player who of course won an MVP and a World Series title with the Cubs. What nobody expected was for the Rockies, just one year after trading Nolan Arenado, to be the team to sign him.

Bryant joined a Rockies team that seemingly had no direction after they gave him a seven-year deal worth $182 million prior to the 2022 season. Bryant was locked in as a Rockie through the 2028 season in a deal that still makes absolutely no sense.

The first year of his deal seemed like a wash. Bryant played well when on the field, hitting over .300 with an .851 OPS, but he was limited to just 42 games. This season has brought more injuries for Bryant who has had multiple stints on the IL. He's currently out with a fractured finger.

In the 65 games he's been healthy enough to play in, Bryant has slashed .251/.338/.379 with eight home runs and 23 RBI. He's still missed a ton of time but this season he hasn't been nearly as productive as he was in 2022. He's played in just 107 games in his two seasons so far and he's been worth -0.2 bWAR in those games. He still has another five years worth $131 million on his deal after this one. It's not looking good at all.