San Diego Padres: Ranking the 10 worst contracts in the NL West right now

The worst contracts in the NL West give a glimpse into why the 2023 season has been so bad for the San Diego Padres
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San Francisco Giants pitcher Sean Manaea
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9) Worst contracts in the NL West: Sean Manaea of the San Francisco Giants

Padres fans are familiar with this name as Sean Manaea pitched for the Friars in the 2022 season. He was a decent back-end starter but wasn't good enough to play any sort of big role in their postseason run as he made just one appearance. That appearance was one Padres fans will want to forget.

Manaea wound up leaving San Diego for one of their division rivals, the San Francisco Giants. He signed a two-year deal worth $25 million. He's making $7.5 million this season, and another $12.5 million next season to go along with $5 million of signing bonus money. That contract has not aged well in the slightest.

Manaea opened the year as a starting pitcher primarily, and he struggled mightily in that role. He had a 7.54 ERA in six starts before being moved permanently to the bullpen. He completed five innings just twice while allowing at least four earned runs three times.

He's pitched better since being moved to a full-time reliever, posting a 3.66 ERA in his last 20 appearances and 51.2 innings pitched, but the Giants didn't give Manaea $25 million to be nothing more than a low-leverage long reliever. The Giants certainly won't be planning on him being a big part of the rotation, so paying him $12.5 million next season is not good value at all.