San Diego Padres news: Cardinals push Padres to edge of history, Fernando Tatis Jr. fashion statement, more

Let's look at some of the latest news surrounding the San Diego Padres, including one of the biggest statistics showing why the 2023 season has gone south.
Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres
Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

Another night, another gut punch of a loss for the San Diego Padres.

If it feels like the San Diego Padres just can't win a late game (especially in extra innings), there is a reason why that sickening sensation comes to Padres fans every day the Friars have to go to extra frames to decide a contest. With San Diego's 6-5 loss to St. Louis on Tuesday night in 10 innings, the Padres are now 0-11 in extra-inning games this season.

The Padres are now creeping even closer to a dubious piece of MLB history. The 1969 Montreal Expos hold the MLB record for frustration in extra frames, going 0-12 in extra innings. No other team aside from that Expos squad has dropped 12 consecutive extra-innings games in a single season, and this year's Padres are one of only three teams in MLB history to go 0-11 in extras, joining those Expos and the 2012 Houston Astros (who did win in their 12th extra-inning game of the season to avoid joining Montreal at the top of the list).

Tuesday's loss also moved the Padres to a 6-21 record in one-run games this season and 1-11 in walkoff wins. No matter which way you slice it, improvement in any of those statistics would have the Padres in the mix for the postseason rather than on the outside looking in.

San Diego Padres: Fernando Tatis Jr. tips the cap to his dad

Did you see what Fernando Tatis Jr. did in St. Louis to honor his father, who played for three seasons with the Cardinals?

The shoe game from Tatis has been strong all season, and this not-so-subtle tip of the cap to his dad was among the coolest cleats donned by San Diego's All-Star outfielder all season. Before the campaign began, Tatis said he would be wearing 30 different sets of custom Air Jordan cleats in 2023.