San Diego Padres news: A.J. Preller's 3 comments that stood out, numbers from tough loss in Cincinnati

The San Diego Padres have now lost six straight games. Is the season done before the calendar even turns to July?

San Diego Padres catcher Gary Sanchez
San Diego Padres catcher Gary Sanchez / David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another heart-breaking loss for the San Diego Padres.

The best news to come out of Friday's 7-5 road loss to the Cincinnati Reds is that June is officially over and in the rearview mirror. With Friday's defeat, the sixth consecutive one for the reeling Friars, San Diego finishes June with a 12-15 record, their second straight month with more losses than wins.

That six-game skid, by the way, is the longest of the 2023 season and San Diego has now gone 42 games without being at the .500 mark (when the Padres were 19-19 on May 11). The Padres enter the month of July with a mark of 37-45.

San Diego Padres: 3 comments that stood out from A.J. Preller

Joining Ben & Woods on a Friday show on 97.3 The Fan that you can hear by clicking here, Preller discussed a wide variety of topics regarding the disappointing Padres.

On the poor start to the season (with the conversation time-stamped at the 2:55 mark), Preller said. "Ultimately I'm responsible for the product and the team and what we see. And, you know, I think we all feel it. I think you know, from my standpoint, we're frustrated ‘cause we feel like we have a team that's, you know, played – one step away from the World Series last year, and, you know, I think from our standpoint, expect to build on that this year. And, you know, it hasn't happened for us so far in the first half. And, you know, I know myself and, you know, Bob and, and the group, you know, every single day, we're doing everything we can in terms of like, asking questions, you know, and, and, and like expecting us to play better baseball here in the second half."

He also added, "I believe in this group, I believe in this team…we've all seen it here that we have the ability to play good baseball. And I think we're all frustrated when we don't do that. And I think from my standpoint, understand that, you know, expect things to change here going forward and, you know, expect us to get in a position here. We get into the race and, you know, eventually play in October. And that's the goal here going forward.”

Is Bob Melvin on the hot seat? It certainly doesn't sound like it, with Preller saying at the 4:15 mark, "Bob's done a lot of winning. You know, he's been through a lot of pennant races and guided his team in the postseason. I think you know, he got us where we needed to be last year and one step away from the World Series last year… I fully expect him to be the guy that leads us back into the postseason here this year."

And what about Preller? Does his feel like his job in jeapordy? The general manager dodged the question at the 9:45 mark, focusing more on the team getting better.

"I mean, again, I think the focus for us is the game tonight in Cincinnati… From our team and our standpoint, I'm constantly asking questions and looking at it. And, you know, I expect us to play well, I expect us to play in October. And you know, I think the biggest thing that we can do right now is go out, win a game tonight in Cincinnati, get ready for, you know, for the Reds tonight, and then, you know, get ready for Saturday after that. And that's the overall focus for everybody in baseball ops and what we're trying to do. And again, I think from that standpoint, you know, I think you know, we're looking at every single day how do we get this thing in a better spot and a better position, and that's, that's the focus that I have right now."