San Diego Padres morning after: Blake Snell has absolutely earned that apology

San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell
San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell / David Frerker-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe, just maybe, we didn't put enough faith or trust into San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell.

Let's be honest, there were plenty of reasons why Padres fans were alarmed when Snell started the season with an ERA of 5.40 through his first nine starts. San Diego wasn't playing well (with the Padres going 1-8 in those nine Snell starts) and the southpaw was looking anything like a strength of the rotation.

But isn't it funny how overreactions can happen in baseball, especially with a team that has the payroll the size of the Padres?

Blake Snell continues to be on fire for San Diego Padres

By scattering two hits over six shutout innings and striking out 12 against a tough Tampa Bay Rays lineup on Saturday, Snell showed that that redemptive arc from the start of the season is still going strong.

We said in this article earlier in the week that the Rays would present "a huge test" for Snell. Consider that test passed.

Over his last five starts, including Saturday's masterpiece at Petco Park, Snell has pieced together a 0.60 ERA/2.20 FIP over 30.0 innings. He has allowed just 14 hits and walked 13 while striking out 35, including back-to-back outings with 12 Ks each.

Sure, the Padres are just 3-2 over those five games (including Saturday's 2-0 victory), but that certainly doesn't fall on Snell. There are still plenty of issues for San Diego to work through as it still struggles to get back to the .500 mark, starting Sunday with a 34-36 record. However, Snell no longer appears to be one of those things that will have Padres fans wringing their hands every five days.

Baseball is a game filled with roller coasters, including team and individual accomplishments. It's very likely that Snell will stumble in an upcoming outing. It's human nature and the nature of the game. However, for what he has done since Memorial Day, Snell absolutely deserves a tip of the cap and that apology.