San Diego Padres history: 5 notable trades from the month of August

What are some of the most memorable moments for the San Diego Padres in the month of August? We take a look at some notable deals that happened this month.

Texas Rangers v San Diego Padres
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Randy Myers with the San Diego Padres
Randy Myers with the San Diego Padres / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

August 6, 1998: Toronto Blue Jays send Randy Myers to the Padres for Brian Loyd

If you are wondering why the first-place Friars would put a waiver claim for a reliever (Randy Myers) with a 4.46 ERA. Well, it was to keep him away from the National League East-leading Atlanta Braves.

It was a move that no one thought was controversial. Myers was not exactly a high-profile addition that caused contending teams vying for his services in August. But the Padres could not take a chance and let him regain his command in a Braves uniform.

They had one of the best pitching coaches in Leo Mazzone. The Friars were not going to pass on Myers and let Mazzone refine his pitching mechanics. Suddenly, Myers becomes a postseason force against the Friars in a possible National League Championship Series matchup.

Often, a high ERA obscures how a pitcher of Myers ability can excel in certain late-inning situations. Upon arrival, the former Nasty Boy was ineffective (1-3 with a 6.28 ERA) in a Padres uniform. Opposing teams were batting .267 against Myers as his strikeout rate dipped under 15% with no evidence of fastball velocity.